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Siler Chiropractic Techniques

The chiropractic techniques we use are designed to help you feel better. If you’re uncomfortable at all, it will only be for a split second and then you’ll be on the road to quick recovery.

Chiropractic For You

Individualized Chiropractic Care & Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are tailored to your size, age and particular health issue.

Unlike many chiropractors, Dr. Siler performs specific adjustments for your condition.  We don’t just do the same thing for every patient.  We develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve results as quickly as possible.  Dr. Siler uses comfortable and gentle adjusting to insure patient comfort. This seems to make it easier for patients to relax. Relaxed patients are easier to treat. Read more»


This instrument is for people with acute and chronic conditions.  It allows us to stretch and loosen muscles in a way that isn’t possible with just traditional exercises and massage! Read more on the TheraGun website»

Full Body Vibration Machine

Used in rehabilitation therapy, the full body vibration machine helps with blood flow, muscle strength and core stabilizing.

To find out which technique is right for you, schedule a time to meet with Dr. Siler. (509) 928-3164

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