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What to Expect

First Visit to Siler Chiropractic

Welcome to Siler Chiropractic in Spokane Valley

Welcome to Siler Chiropractic in Spokane Valley

Your initial appointment will be the longest because of the extensive physical examination necessary to determine your condition(s) and the best treatment options for you. Please allow approximately 60 minutes for your first visit.

Once you’ve completed some basic intake forms, Dr. Siler will conduct different range of motion, neurologic and orthopedic tests.

Finally, Dr. Siler will perform a Digital Posture Analysis. This simple test looks into the basics of your biomechanics so he can pinpoint exactly which parts of your body, muscles, and nerves are affected.

Your Results – Our Action Plan

After the examination, Dr. Siler will discuss the results with you, explain to you what the problem is and suggest what treatment it will take to get you better. More often than not, you’ll receive your first adjustment on your first visit.

What Happens Next?

Your subsequent visits will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. During that time, Dr. Siler will discuss your condition, find out if there is anything new or different happening and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

He’ll also give you home care exercises to do to keep the progress moving forward.

Call (509) 928-3164 to schedule your first appointment today!

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