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What to Expect

First Visit to Siler Chiropractic

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We are here for you and your family to help you heal and feel better so you can enjoy life.  Our friendly staff will ensure each visit is enjoyable and you are treated with the utmost respect.  We do all we can to help you live healthy no matter your condition, age, or health.

Your initial appointment start with some basic intake forms.  Any insurance information that you might be using will also be taken at this time.  Afterwards you will get a short tour of our office and led back to our treatment rooms.

Dr. Siler will conduct a thorough chiropractic orthopedic and neurological exam to find out what is going on with your health.  In some cases, X-Rays will be order to determine the full extent of your condition based on Dr. Siler’s examination findings.

You can expect this 1st Visit to take approximately 30-45 minutes.

Report of Findings:  Your Results – Our Action Plan

After the examination, Dr. Siler will discuss the results with you, explain to you what the problem is and if chiropractic care is best for your healing.  If you elect to proceed with chiropractic care, Dr. Siler will then go over a recommended treatment plan to restore your health and fix your condition/problem.

Typically, if it’s determined chiropractic can help, you’ll receive your first adjustment on your first visit.

What Happens Next?

Your subsequent visits will last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. During that time, Dr. Siler will discuss your condition, find out if there is anything new or different happening and answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment.

Depending on your problem, you may be prescribed home care exercises, therapies, etc. to aid and speed up your recovery.

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